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Altuntas Media is a media organization founded in 2019, working to add privilege and quality to its sector. Since the first day it started to serve, it has maintained its price policy as a low-profit quality business, unlike its competitors. As stated in the slogan "Golden Value of Your Brand", it offers the highest quality service in order to make your brand valuable regardless of small or big.

our vision

Defending that young ideas are the most valuable element of the sector, Altuntaş Media has chosen the slogan "The Address of Golden Ideas" as its founding slogan. For this reason, a large part of its staff consists of young minds. It aims to prove young ideas and young minds first to their country and then to the world, and to become a media umbrella.

Our Mission

Altuntaş Medya was first established to show what young minds can do, to demolish the high-profit empires of their competitors and to prove their low-profit quality business service.

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Başiskele / Kocaeli / Türkiye

Telephone: 0 850 888 9286

Telephone:0 262 244 4386

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